The Flip Side

Earpluggers! We have survived. I’m not going to say it was the smoothest ride ever — there were some casualties to be had, for sure. Nonetheless, we have arrived at our desired destination: “the flip side.”

Ah yes, winter break.

Three and a half-ish weeks of glorious freedom filled with Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, and other winter holidays galore.

This year’s winter break is perhaps one of the most exciting for me. The parental unit had prepared three separate surprise trips for my sister and I, and at the time of writing this, we have just returned back from our first surprise trip. Drum roll, please.

It was an overnight stay at DISNEYLAND and CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE.

This was me the whole way there: 

(yes, I am 19).

I love Disneyland as much as the next person. Wait, that is a lie. I love Disneyland probably a little more than the next person because my love for Disneyland is somewhat unhealthy. However, trips to Disneyland are no walk in the park (pun totally intended).

My go-to move when heading to amusement parks is to use wig tape to securely fasten my cochlear to my head. Now, I know Disneyland isn’t exactly known for its fast rides, but I always veer on the side of caution because you never know what will happen on those rides! The wig tape ensures that even when/if the magnet falls off, the cochlear will remain attached to me. I don’t tend to need wig tape on my hearing aid, particularly because of the hearing aid mold that secures the device to my ear. Now, there is no excuse for us not to ride the big roller coasters, unless of course, you’re scared?

The issue of background noise, though, is one that is not particularly solvable. But, ever since I received my cochlear implant, my experiences in amusement parks has drastically improved. I no longer have to do this awkward sideways-twisty walk to ensure that I have a visual on the whoever is speaking while we’re weaving through the crowds. With the implant, I am able to pick up speech simply by being in the immediate vicinity of the source of sound (just like everyone else).

Hearing the music and voiceovers on rides is also a relatively new experience for me. It all makes so much sense now! I could hear the creepy dude in the Haunted Mansion, I could hear all the lyrics to It’s a Small World and the yo-ho yo-ho it’s a pirate’s life for me songs. Most importantly, I have recently become aware of the fact that a lot of announcements made in the parks are made in English and Spanish, so back when it all sounded like another language to me, 50% of it actually was!

One thing I have not figured out how to crack is how to wear those cute little Mickey Mouse ears without displacing my implant. Somebody, anybody — if you have figured it out, how? HOW??

Okay. Well, I better get off the internet and go back to enjoying the Flip Side. And I better get to packing. Surprise Trip #2 is happening at some undisclosed point in the foreseeable future at some undisclosed location. My whereabouts will be entirely unknown until I am whereabout I will be.

If you don’t hear from me, send help. Please.



Happy Holidays everyone! I know it seems kind of early to be saying that, but for me the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and goes to New Year’s Day. Why limit the festivities to December?

I apologize for this late post, but I hope you all were too busy stuffing your faces with delicious food to miss any of my usual sass. I promise I have a halfway decent excuse for not posting. The decent part: I have been working on an awesome project which has been an amazing opportunity, but it definitely drained some of my creative juices, and I didn’t want to post if I wasn’t on top of my game. The not-so-decent part is that I have been in a turkey-induced, apple cider enhanced holidaze. I haven’t had school since Monday and I think I forgot . . . everything. Where are my classes? What are we learning? When is the test? Finals?! The lazy pace of these longer evenings and the comfy-ness of my down-comforter have me feeling some type of way, and for the past six days, I have been pretending that responsibilities simply do not exist. Here is a small summary of where I am at right now:

Did you do any of your homework over break? (Thanks to Twitter for this one)


Ready for finals?


But . . . it is Sunday now. Sunday evening to be exact. My responsibilities have come to drop-kick me out of my bed and back to school. Enter this blog post. What you are reading right now, reader, is my last and final attempt at procrastination. Drink it up, because soon I will be disappearing under a mountain of work and deadlines.


Let’s talk about that fun project I said I was working on. I can’t give too many details, but it is for another blog here on the interwebs, and I will post the link as soon as it is available. I am spreading the sass like it is going out of style. Here is something else I will say: yes, it does have to do with hearing impairments. I’m staying true to my purpose folks. Hang tight, and I’ll let you know when it is out!

Also, that awesome exciting opportunity stole what was going to be this week’s topic. Alas.

On the bright side, I was rocking some pretty fancy holiday hair this year.

IMG_3232 IMG_3235IMG_3200

It seems that braids were sort of a theme… Thanks to my lovely older sis for the first two styles, and to my awesome coworker for the last one! Hair styling can be a major pain when you have a magnet falling off your head. I try to keep it interesting, but there is only so much a girl can do. When I am trying to be discreet, I tend to wear my hair down, covering my ears. Other times, I will pull it up into a bun, so it really depends on my mood. Ultimately, I try to pick hairstyles that allow for movement without constant worry that my magnet is going to fall off (once the magnet falls off, I am effectively deaf in my left ear — not fun). Functionality over form any day, folks. Also, my hearing devices happen to be the same color as my hair, which makes everything looks much more natural. If I ever have an idea for a style, I not only need to figure out the logistics of making my hair actually look like a pretty Pinterest picture, but I also need to think of ways to ensure that I can rock the ‘do without any hinderance from my hearing devices and vice versa. If any of you out there have similar issues, feel free to tell me how to get around it! I am constantly searching for good answers to this puzzling girl problem.

That is all I have time for today . . . organic chemistry is summoning me back to work. Save me, please.