How to Become a Jedi Without Really Trying

A progression of my emotions as finals approach:

1. Ready for anything.

2. Hey, wanna hang out?

3. I love school. Studying is the best. Is ball life? No. School is life. No, really. I will say it until it is true.

4. Why am I taking organic chemistry? And statistics? In the same semester, no less.

5. HALP.

6. No, c’mon focus. You got this. Right. So, what subjects am I in again?

7. First practice test: gets all the questions wrong.

8. Office hours. Must. catch. them. all.

9. Cue Pompeii. But if I close my eyes . . . I will fall asleep. Also, yes, I have been here before. Last spring.

10. Re-evaluation of my entire life. Why did I ever let go of those childhood dreams?

So yeah, finals suck. The end is near, though. Stay motivated. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot be a jedi.

(I’ll be back with a more substantial post after finals. I must save my brain cells for memorizing every line of Gilmore Girls before I start cracking down on studying)