Wake me up when September ends?

Would you look at that . . .  One whole fall semester has (basically) gone by. Just like that. I have somehow managed to remain radio silent for almost three months.

I suppose I could blame my cyberslumber on my continual procrastination — repeatedly pressing the snooze button on my good intentions to post another blog. I could also blame my absence on every student’s go-to excuse: “school is just soooo crazy right now.”


But let’s be honest, here folks. I kind of . . . forgot? In my every day routine of close-t0-normalcy, it sort of slipped my mind that I had a blog about what made me farther-from-normalcy. I also maaaayyyy have forgotten my username and password. The result? My first blog post in an embarrassingly long time.


As if I wasn’t already shamefully logging in for the first time in months like a student showing up to classes for the first time in the final weeks of the semester, wordpress has decided to add insult to injury. With new formats and fonts and a slightly updated layout, I can almost hear wordpress taunting me: “oh, thereeee you are.”

Okay, rant aside, let’s talk about what brought me back here.

Recently, I had a sibling of a friend reach out to me to ask if I could be in her student documentary project on the Deaf/deaf debate. I got to spend a whole hour babbling in front of a camera about the same stuff I talked about in A Word. The whole time, there was a little voice in the back of mind saying “wow, this is really fun — I should talk about this more often in a public forum for all to read as they please!”

Oh wait.


So yeah, that’s kind of embarrassing. Another reason that brings me back is a recent conversation I had with a fellow USC friend. We were talking about what it takes to stay positive in what feels like a constant whirlwind of negativity. At school, it gets easy to stress out and enter this cycle of negativity that won’t relent. We were remarking that while it seems that positive, happy people just seem to have it made, remaining positive is a constant battle. It is a choice we must make on a daily basis even if we don’t feeeeeel like being positive on that day. Positivity and success require hard work and diligence, but the pay-offs are immense. Unfortunately, the pay-offs are often what people see, not the battle.


We were exchanging stories and reasons behind our continual decisions to choose positivity, and I kept thinking that positivity was a decision I made long ago. When faced with the prospect of deafness, it can be extremely easy to choose negativity. But I didn’t really like that option, so I didn’t choose it. Compared to that decision, choosing to remain positive about things like school, extracurricular activities, and friends (while important), are much simpler decisions. I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but my journey with deafness has been a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to have perspective and clarity about what is important and what is perhaps more fleeting. That worked out well!


Okay, second rant over.

Thanks for listening! Hope you all have a wonderful, positive, perspective-filled Thanksgiving with your loved ones, I know I will!


(This is me at the dinner table on Thursday)



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