Two Months Later…

Earpluggers! YES, this blog is still a thing. It is entirely my bad. This past semester was very . . . eventful. I have never been one for intense involvement in extracurricular activities, but this semester that changed. I believe I made a post earlier this year about some of my extracurricular activities, but since that time, my involvement has grown (while my schoolwork did not relent) and so basically I ended up in the fetal position in a corner more often than not. It is hard to explain the phenomenon I was feeling. I was absolutely stressed out and constantly needed a break, but at the same time I was so invested and happy doing all the things I had taken on. So I plodded on in my fragile state, barely keeping my head above each wave after wave of obligations. Now, at long last, it is summer. I wrapped up this year successfully and I am quite satisfied with how everything turned out. I have reacquainted myself with my bed and the concept of enough sleep, I haven’t eaten a midnight pizza in almost a week, and I am just starting to grasp the concept that I do not have another organic chemistry midterm to study for ever again (how much of a nerd am I that I am somewhat sad about that?). Life is good, folks. My summer days are spent with my family, my teacup yorkie named Teddy and my lazy cat Nova, and endless dreams about the upcoming USC football season. Oh, and also working. That’s right. In the spirit of my recent decision to pursue a career in the health sciences (check out my post, “Denny From Grey’s Anatomy” to read that story), I have picked up some awesome internships for the summer. The first is at the USC Leonard Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, where I am exploring the economic side of the health profession. I am getting a crash course on Medicare, Medicaid, and how to count all the zeros on enormous healthcare costs (save time and count by threes). This experience is truly allowing me to have a full perspective on what it means to provide healthcare to the American population, and as a future physician (hopefully), an appreciation of these elements of healthcare will make me a more well-rounded and informed healthcare provider. The second internship I am doing is sort of a “full circle” kind of experience. I am developing research protocol at the same center for pediatric audiology and childhood communication that I have been going to since I was 11 months old. I am learning more and more every day about the physics behind sound and how to use these concepts to deliver the best quality of sound to people who have some element of hearing loss just like me. I have always somewhat understood these concepts, but this summer I get to roll my sleeves up and really delve into the nitty gritty (and positively mind-blowing) science behind hearing. So, this summer is not too shabby. Actually, it is off to a great start. Even though I am more or less rising with the sun every day, it is a pleasure to cruise the freeways with the radio up as I head to my internships, where I learn more and more each day about my future life path. Radio commercials, however, are NOT a pleasure. Someone hand me the aux cord, please. P. S. — Lucky for you guys, I am feeling quite guilty about leaving you all in the lurch for a lot of months, SO I have some awesome posts planned for this summer! There will be DANCING posts, there will be VACATION posts (T-minus way too many days until Maui), and there might even be a VIDEO Q&A! Go ahead and ask me questions (any questions at all) that you have been wanting to know about me, my hearing impairment, or my life and I promise to answer them all! You can leave a question in the comments below, Facebook message me, or use the contact button to email me through the blog.

I will be back, you guys, I promise.


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