Happy Holidays everyone! I know it seems kind of early to be saying that, but for me the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and goes to New Year’s Day. Why limit the festivities to December?

I apologize for this late post, but I hope you all were too busy stuffing your faces with delicious food to miss any of my usual sass. I promise I have a halfway decent excuse for not posting. The decent part: I have been working on an awesome project which has been an amazing opportunity, but it definitely drained some of my creative juices, and I didn’t want to post if I wasn’t on top of my game. The not-so-decent part is that I have been in a turkey-induced, apple cider enhanced holidaze. I haven’t had school since Monday and I think I forgot . . . everything. Where are my classes? What are we learning? When is the test? Finals?! The lazy pace of these longer evenings and the comfy-ness of my down-comforter have me feeling some type of way, and for the past six days, I have been pretending that responsibilities simply do not exist. Here is a small summary of where I am at right now:

Did you do any of your homework over break? (Thanks to Twitter for this one)


Ready for finals?


But . . . it is Sunday now. Sunday evening to be exact. My responsibilities have come to drop-kick me out of my bed and back to school. Enter this blog post. What you are reading right now, reader, is my last and final attempt at procrastination. Drink it up, because soon I will be disappearing under a mountain of work and deadlines.


Let’s talk about that fun project I said I was working on. I can’t give too many details, but it is for another blog here on the interwebs, and I will post the link as soon as it is available. I am spreading the sass like it is going out of style. Here is something else I will say: yes, it does have to do with hearing impairments. I’m staying true to my purpose folks. Hang tight, and I’ll let you know when it is out!

Also, that awesome exciting opportunity stole what was going to be this week’s topic. Alas.

On the bright side, I was rocking some pretty fancy holiday hair this year.

IMG_3232 IMG_3235IMG_3200

It seems that braids were sort of a theme… Thanks to my lovely older sis for the first two styles, and to my awesome coworker for the last one! Hair styling can be a major pain when you have a magnet falling off your head. I try to keep it interesting, but there is only so much a girl can do. When I am trying to be discreet, I tend to wear my hair down, covering my ears. Other times, I will pull it up into a bun, so it really depends on my mood. Ultimately, I try to pick hairstyles that allow for movement without constant worry that my magnet is going to fall off (once the magnet falls off, I am effectively deaf in my left ear — not fun). Functionality over form any day, folks. Also, my hearing devices happen to be the same color as my hair, which makes everything looks much more natural. If I ever have an idea for a style, I not only need to figure out the logistics of making my hair actually look like a pretty Pinterest picture, but I also need to think of ways to ensure that I can rock the ‘do without any hinderance from my hearing devices and vice versa. If any of you out there have similar issues, feel free to tell me how to get around it! I am constantly searching for good answers to this puzzling girl problem.

That is all I have time for today . . . organic chemistry is summoning me back to work. Save me, please.


And the verdict is….

The jury in the last post has officially returned a verdict: for today’s blog, let’s talk movies!


Going to the movies.

For me, it is definitely a love/hate relationship. Love, because I love movies. A lot. They are amazing. Hate, because I have a history of difficulty with movies.

Let’s take this back to the years before 2010. The pre-cochlear implant years. Back then, the idea of going to the movies had absolutely no pull in my opinion. I would pay an average of $7.89 for a ticket (I Google’d it, mmkay?) to sit in a dark room with friends while I tried to comprehend whatever explosions/romance/mystery was unfolding on the screen. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before the movie actually even started, I would already be exhausted from trying to listen to my friends in the semi darkened movie theater. The recessed lighting made lipreading all the more difficult, and before my cochlear implant, lipreading was not a luxury. It was a way of life. Anyways, I would be mentally done with the evening before the previews even started. Long story short, I was more of a let’s-grab-pizza-and-chill girl than a let’s-go-to-the-mall-and-go-to-that-movie-with-that-hot-guy kinda gal. Sorry, friends.

Nowadays (a whole four years later, I know), going to the movies is a pastime I enjoy (thank you cochlear implant — I love you).  I do not need to rely on lip reading at all, particularly with friends (whose voices and intonations I am well-adjusted to) so I am not exhausted by the time the movie starts. I am able to hear and understand the VAST majority of the movie. I will still never understand dramatic whispering scenes, though.

Stop that people.

Movie theaters are perhaps the only places where I can enjoy an entire movie without requiring closed captions, thanks to that awesome surround sound. If, however, I am having a movie night with friends and we are watching off a laptop or a television at regular volume, closed captioning is still where it is at. God bless Netlflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video for your closed captioning services. Apple/iTunes, really dudes . . . it is time to get with the program. Unfortunately, this also means I am less apt to enjoy a streamed movie, but that is a price I am willing to pay (no pun intended).

Truth be told, those who have hung out with me and watch movies with me always say that they, too, enjoyed  the closed captioning movie experience. Not only does closed captioning create moments of added comedy, such as



and this,


and also this


but it also helps even fully hearing people to catch parts of the movie they didn’t even know they missed! So, really, it is a win-win for all parties involved. Honestly, I think it would be so beneficial for movie theaters to show all their movies with captions, but alas.

Actually, today in my Chinese Art, Literature, and Culture class, we were shown a foreign movie, so naturally it was subtitled in English. However, the language of the film (Cantonese) is much faster than the English translations, so the captions were flashing by quickly. Thanks to my nineteen years of practice reading captions, I was one of the few people in the class who was able to read the captions quickly enough to understand the movie.

Well, actually . . .  I lied. I couldn’t understand the movie. I don’t even think the TAs understood the movie. However, not understanding had nothing to do with not being able to read the captions, and it had everything to do with the half-human characters, a flying monk, and some laughably overdramatic music. Score one for hearing impairments. Whodathunk this impairment would help me in a situation like this? I mean, yeah, Idathunkit, but now hopefully youdathunkit, too.

Long blog short, I love movies. We are friends. Don’t feel shy about inviting me to the movies. Thanks to my cochlear implant, it is a love-love relationship. I have come a long way since the pre-2010 years, and the high was worth the pain.

Oh my god, I didn’t just quote Taylor Swift.

No I didn’t. Shut up.

Bye Felicia.

I realize that saying “Bye Felicia” in reference to my move from tumblr to WordPress means I am calling tumblr a regular Felicia. Sorry tumblr, you aren’t a Felicia. It’s not you it’s me.

It is just that, if I’m going to do this blogging thing for real, I am going to do it right. So here I am. New digs. So fancy. Officially, I am around 28 hours old here on WordPress. In those 28 hours, I have learned three things:

1.  50360e401d41c87726000130

2. There are a lot of cool people on this site. Why are there so many cool people here? Why are they all so nice? Don’t look now, but I think I’m in love.


3. I-Have-No-Idea-What-Im-Doing-1

So, yeah. That’s where I am at right now. Check back at this site (don’t hate me tumblr) later this week to see if I decided to write about hairstyles or movies. The jury is still out.