Cool News!


So I was doing some postformal web surfing, and I came across a news story about Malala Yousufzazi. For those of you who don’t remember, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban on a school bus back in October. She miraculously survived and was transported to a British Hospital. Malala was a huge advocate for girls’ rights and education in the Middle East, so her story of her perseverance and survival is inspiring. 

It gets better though. As of Saturday, Malala now has a COCHLEAR IMPLANT!

Apparently, the bullet did damage to her skull and her hearing in her left ear, and the only way to restore this hearing was via cochlear implant. To me, this story resonates because I associate the cochlear implant with perseverance, dedication, and determination. Malala clearly is never one to be silent about her beliefs and visions, and neither shall I. The fact that the cochlear implant is one of the tools to help her recover and get back to her platform makes me proud to be a cochlear implant recipient, not even in the political sense, though. I am proud because people that are fighters, like Malala, are able, and willing, to use the amazing cochlear implant technology to reach their dreams. Person by person, I believe cochlear implants will help recipients make a bigger impact on the world than they could have unaided. 

Who knows what a cochlear implant will do for the world next?

P.S.-I also found it very interesting that Malala got her implant at the same age that I did (age 15). I will be very interested in seeing how she adapts and acclimates to the implant. 

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