Sniffles, Stuffed, and Songs

ACHOO! Does anyone have a tissue?

I have been SO SICK for the past couple of days it is absolutely terrible. I have been sniffling (hence the first S) so much lately it doesn’t feel like there are enough tissues in the world to appease my nose. Thankfully for me, it is not that flu that has been spreading around the world, the one that sounds so dangerous! Get your flu shots, everbody! 

All my sniffling brings me to my second “S,” STUFFED! 

My right ear is totally CLOGGED! It’s not an ear infection, though. My eustachian tube is swollen from being sick and is sitting rather too comfortably on my inner ear. This is reeealllyyy messing with my ear drum’s ability to pick up sound. Hearing has been a nightmare lately. Honestly, it can feel like I’m not even wearing my hearing aid on my right ear sometimes. Speaking of right and left ears, does anyone else find it ironic that of course, the one ear I depend on for hearing is dysfunctional, but my left ear is just dandy? Hmph. 

Now, for the final “S,” SONGS! 

Did anyone watch the Grammys this weekend? What did you think? I thought that (mostly) everyone looked great on the red carpet, and that (mostly) everyone gave a great performance. The only real damper on the night for me was my own stupid television. The captions are ALWAYS behind for award shows. :/ I wonder who is in charge of captioning, and if it’s live captioning or pre-typed. I think it has to be live, solely because sometimes, the captioning just stops, out of a clear sky, for like, 2 minutes, and somehow, I picture a person listening so intently to a thank you speech that he or she forgets to type. I don’t know, just a theory. Of course, this is not the end of the world, my cochlear is still hard at work helping me hear the speeches without captions. One of these days, I will be able to watch an entire award show without any difficult. That is item 320984 on my bucket list. 🙂

Anywaysssss, hope you guys have a great VALENTINE’S DAY tomorrow! I don’t have a valentine, but I won’t let that stop me from consuming massive amounts of beautifully wrapped pink and red chocolates! YUM.


Cool News!


So I was doing some postformal web surfing, and I came across a news story about Malala Yousufzazi. For those of you who don’t remember, Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban on a school bus back in October. She miraculously survived and was transported to a British Hospital. Malala was a huge advocate for girls’ rights and education in the Middle East, so her story of her perseverance and survival is inspiring. 

It gets better though. As of Saturday, Malala now has a COCHLEAR IMPLANT!

Apparently, the bullet did damage to her skull and her hearing in her left ear, and the only way to restore this hearing was via cochlear implant. To me, this story resonates because I associate the cochlear implant with perseverance, dedication, and determination. Malala clearly is never one to be silent about her beliefs and visions, and neither shall I. The fact that the cochlear implant is one of the tools to help her recover and get back to her platform makes me proud to be a cochlear implant recipient, not even in the political sense, though. I am proud because people that are fighters, like Malala, are able, and willing, to use the amazing cochlear implant technology to reach their dreams. Person by person, I believe cochlear implants will help recipients make a bigger impact on the world than they could have unaided. 

Who knows what a cochlear implant will do for the world next?

P.S.-I also found it very interesting that Malala got her implant at the same age that I did (age 15). I will be very interested in seeing how she adapts and acclimates to the implant. 

Apologies are in order, I do think. I have not blogged in what feels like a million years. I could blame it on finals, applications, the holidays, etc. But truth be told, I haven’t blogged in so long because I haven’t felt INSPIRED. It got me through my apps and my finals…no need for an extra dose of enthusiasm there. So in all reality, I could have returned much sooner. For some reason, I have felt stuck between the life I am soon to be leaving (high school, living at home, always a bigger bed to crawl into) and the world I am soon to be entering (college, the real world, freedom). I didn’t have enough roots in either of these worlds to keep me motivated (see, hearing impaired people feel the same feelings regular people do)!

Then, I received my first college acceptance. Things started to make a little bit more sense: instead of a giant gray question mark that would pop up whenever I thought of the future, I have a more concrete grasp of what lies ahead for me. In turn, knowing that the future IS in fact going to come, it has helped me appreciate the life I will lead for the next eight months before college starts.

SO, as a result friends, I am jumping right back into that pool of inspiration. It starts with picking up a hobby. I’ve decided to return to art classes at the studio where I took lessons when I was younger. Though I was a decent oil painter, the satisfied feeling of completing a painting would make me feel like Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Massacio….oh wait sorry, I am taking art history this year and I may be getting carried away with the painters’ names. Incidentally, art history has further inspired me to pick up my brush, pop open the can of acetone, and get back into it. If I think about it in terms of a hearing impaired person, art classes are a hearing impaired girl’s best friend. No need to tape down my cochlear, put in a mold, and clip my cochlear down here! (I may or may not be breathing a sigh of relief. I love dancing, but oh man, is it a lot of work)!

I am also looking into taking more yoga classes. I was dragged into one class at the local beach club and it was amazing. Lots of stretching and loosening up of the body (perfect for a dancer)! Yoga actually is pretty easy on the hearing aids, except for one thing. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but yoga teachers tend to talk softly. So, I have to turn my head so I can read the teacher’s lips. If I am on the right side of the teacher, I have to turn my head to the left, and I end up resting the weight of my heavy head on my hard, bulky, uncomfy cochlear. OUCH. Note to self: remain on teacher’s left side.

Anyways, I think that is it for now. I promise I won’t be gone long. There’s no excuse this time, it is second semester of senior year!

P.S. what is up with the weather?!