Mock Trialin’

Hey y’all!

So today is round two of the California Mock Trial competition! I am portraying a witness, so I have to memorize my story and my direct so I can get some points for my team! Last week was really enjoyable! Since I am on the defendant’s side, I did not have to perform (only the prosecution was getting scored). But today…dun dun dun. Time to get scored.

The hearing situation here is not so bad actually. The judge has a microphone and the attorneys are pretty loud (given the all the nerves in this competition, I can’t say I’m surprised!) What’s interesting about mock trial competitions, however, is not the hearing situation, it is my speaking situation! 

Up on the witness stand, I am aware that I am the focus of the attention and what little things and mannerism I say and exhibit on the stand could potentially sway the whole case. I am always extra careful to make sure I say my “s” sounds very clearly, speak loudly and slowly, and not jiggle around in my seat too much! 

The bus rides to and from the competition, however, are difficult. At least, the rides at nighttime are more difficult. During the day, I can hear everyone properly because I can see their lips so that is not too much of a problem. Typically, the bus ride back is the worst because it is dark outside and all I can hear is chatter—without my lip reading abilities, I cannot hear my friend. Last time however, miraculously, the bus driver left the lights in the bus on so I could hear! I can only hope that the lights will be on again, last time was a blast!

I have to go get my business attire on and get ready, but stay tuned for some more updates!