Hey guys! What’s up?

So, I am in the throes of makeup work. Lots and lots of makeup work. Do not ever miss a day of AP Calc AB. Ever. You will be tripping over your feet running to catch up! 

Things have been relatively smooth on the hearing front. I did experience a college dining hall this week and I have to say it can be a rather tricky environment, especially guys. Their low voices kind of get lost in the crowd… Once again, gotta be thankful for those lip reading skills! 

One thing I haven’t mentioned about being hearing impaired that this diagnosis comes with LOTS of wires. First, you have a dry store, which sucks the moisture out of your hearing devices overnight and is supposed to help the instruments function better. Then, if you use rechargeable cochlear implant batteries, you have to plug that in too. The size of these plugs are big too, so they can cover up a whole outlet, even though only one outlet is in use! On top of this, you have your ordinary technological can’t-live-withouts, such as your cell phone charger and your laptop charger and your hairdryer (guys have it easier here!), etc! It’s amazing I haven’t blown a fuse yet! 

But if I am silent for a while, maybe now you’ll now why!

Gotta go bury myself in Calculus, ttyl.

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