“Kindness is something the deaf can hear and the blind can see”—the fabulous amazing MARK TWAIN. I love this guy. seriously. he has so many funny quotes!


I am a terrible person for not having posted…I know. I am sorry.

can anyone direct me to the next slackers anonymous meeting? I need to be going there. Last week. I slacked on going to the slacker anonymous meeting. Like slacking inception.


IM BACK! I am sorry. School started and I just got so busy with all the stuff I need to do! WHOEVER SAID SENIOR YEAR IS THE EASIEST IS LYING. or at least not talking about the first semester. I have so many college apps, homework assignments and letter of rec packets to packet. BUT on the bright side, I have finally finished my ELEVEN page Galapagos research paper! I can ALMOST type “Galapagos” really fast without screwing up now. I found that the paper seemed a lot worse when I was staring bleary eyed at a blank document. So I overcame the slacking there. Do I get brownie points? No? Okay.

We are hear to talk about hearing shenanigans though, so let’s talk hearing shenanigans! Here’s a fun fact! I have not used my FM (special microphone to hear the teacher in the classroom better) ONCE this year! And by this year I mean the past two weeks (though it feels like eternity). I was worried that I would need the FM during the adjustment period of getting used to the different teachers’ voices. But as it turns out the cochlear is magic in the classroom. Huzzah! The thing I need to worry about is selective hearing. I can no longer blame my hearing impairment for not hearing something in a lecture just because I am falling asleep! Darn. Be careful what you wish for I guess?! Only kidding 😛

Another great news tidbit! I am having an easy time hearing at those loud varsity football games! YAY! I can hear the cheers exactly when they are called, no more guessing and checking and doing sound puzzles to figure out what they are calling! And I can hear the announcer on the loudspeaker. I can now officially hear who sacked who and what is number was, and which side he is on. (This is necessary due to a long unfortunate story about the boxes we used to use to see over the players shoulders during the games getting voted into nonexistence). 

So hearing is not a challenge this year, which is great! Now I can focus on getting what needs to get done, done! It’s about time! 🙂

I WILL BE BACK I SWEAR. Or shall I say…I’ll be hear.

LOL. jk.