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Hey everyone!

I am back from my summer program, and it was absolutely amazing. Everyone I met there was so fantastic and had something unique about each and every one of them. It was so hard to leave yesterday. My stomach hurts a little just thinking about it. My group of friends come from all over the country—the world even. But you know what? I am determined to see these guys again one day. It will happen. πŸ™‚

Really, the people made the program. It would not have been as memorable if it wasn’t for all the lovely friends, instructors and RA’s I encountered over the past two weeks. Each and every one of their enthusiasm was so infectious! I could not help but be swept away by it!

But I know you guys are reading this blog for some hearing dirt, so hearing dirt you will get.

Wanna know what USC stands for?

U-University (of)

S- Summer

C- Construction

That’s right, construction. And construction=loud background noise. Mind you, this construction was not miles away, but rather right outside my dorms and the cafeteria. Every day, save for the weekend, my friends and I would make the trek to the cafeteria with a jackhammer or a cement mixer as the background music. This was not an easy feat for me, cochlear or no cochlear. However, I was able to participate most of the time πŸ™‚

Another thing that was kind of troublesome was my hearing aid battery! Apparently, all the hearing aid battery companies have decided to remove mercury from the batteries (yay) but the mercury allowed the batteries to adjust to the air faster and therefore work for longer. So, in order for the batteries nowadays to work properly, the battery must be left out to adjust to the air for at least two minutes. As you can imagine, I was very busy on this program, and two minutes, especially in the morning while rushing out to greet friends, was hard to do. I did have to make several battery changes throughout the program….more than I remember doing before the mercury was taken out. But in retrospect, I would rather have to wait for two minutes to put a battery in than suffer from mercury poisoning!

Anyways, that is it for now! Thanks to all my great camp friends for everything! xoxo

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