Sorry UCLA fans, you may want to look away for this post….

I am at a summer  program at  USC this month, and so far it has been amazing. The campus is beautiful, the weather is, for the most part, perfect, and the people are awesome! 

I am studying Global Health, which has been pretty different than I expected, but still interesting. I have learned so much more than I ever would have had I been sitting on my butt at home right now (for instance, stay the heck away from the birds—avian flu is ug-ly).

Occasionally I think about how this program might have gone had I not gotten the cochlear implant. I think it is safe to say that I would not have been half as outgoing and involved as I am now. I would have felt more left out at the times when I wouldn’t have been able to hear (which probably would have been a relatively frequent occurance). I definitely would not be having close to the amount of fun I am having now. So thank you, cochlear. ❤

But let’s not get too carried away. (Clay and Darian, listen up this one is for you :P) While I was walking with these two awesome, nice, funny, good-looking guys (happy?) my cochlear battery died. Awesome, buzzkill. I wasn’t deaf per say, but my hearing aid is not as strong as my cochlear and therefore it became harder to hear what the guys were saying. Again, I had to revert to lip reading. So, I was still able to be a part of the conversation, but participating became a bit of a hassle. 

When we cleared the campus and got back to the dorm, I replaced the cochlear battery. There is nothing quite like the relief that comes with turning on my cochlear…relief because I know I won’t have to work too hard to participate in conversations and be myself. 

These little inconveniences happen every once in a while, but like I said before, as long as the positives outweigh the negatives, it is worth it. I am so happy that I decided to come to the program this year, regardless of what COULD have happened, with an open mind for what WILL happen. After all, it is all about your mindset. 🙂

Now that we have discussed my well-being, it is time for me to read about the well-being of our fellow folks in Haiti, Peru, and Tomsk, Russia. (In other words, I need to go read Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. Graduate school level book. Am I smart yet?) 😛

Til next time. 

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