Teddy bears, hearing aids, and other important objects…

Hello all!

So today I went to see the movie Ted with the whole fam damily and it was funny. Just the right amount of cheesy (but almost too much)! 

I am going to be completely honest though. Even with my cochlear, I did miss some of the punch lines. It is really difficult for me to be able to watch television and movies and understand them without captions. It is not that I can’t hear at all, it’s that I can always discriminate the words. 

Many people think that turning up the volume is the answer to this issue, but think of it this way: imagine you are hearing a bunch of garbled up words. Imagine turning up the volume. What does that do? All it does is make the same garbled junk louder, not clearer. 

Most of my hearing impairment is not that I can’t hear things, but mainly that I can’t understand the words. I will hear something all right, but I am not always able to tell what WORD it is. In difficult hearing situations, hearing is like working with a puzzle. I hear a word/sound, think of the context it is in, and match the word that must be the one they just said. This process takes only a second for me…I have become so accustomed to this. 

Granted, the cochlear makes hearing things a lot easier so I don’t have to do this puzzle work as much anymore, but I did find myself doing it a little bit in the movie theater today. But just because I missed a punch line here and there doesn’t mean I did not understand what was going on in the movie or enjoy it. Actually, it might have been to my benefit to not have heard the lines…it was a bit raunchy! 😛 

For those of you who like laughing and crazy parties and cussing teddy bears that enjoy getting stoned, this movie is a must see! As a family movie it was a tad awkward, but not unbearable. 

Magic Mike, on the other hand, I am seeing with my sister and friends. Sorry Mom and Dad, but no. 🙂

I will be at a pre-college program for the next two weeks so I do not know if I will have access to the computer, so don’t worry if I don’t post! If I do have time, I will definitely keep you guys in the loop! 

Until next time!

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