Road trippin’

Hey guys! Sorry I have been nonexistent, but I was with my family on the road this weekend! We drove up to San Luis Obispo. It was really great and really pretty…I’ll post some pictures later! Honestly, vacations to Hawaii and the Caribbean and Europe aren’t all that necessary (no offense everyone!!) because sometimes it is shocking the beauty that is in your very own backyard!!

The car is an interesting scenario for hearing impaired gals like me… First of all, the speakers in the front seats aren’t always facing you, so you have to rely soley on your ears. (big whoop, right? Well, for hearing impaired folks it’s a little more difficult.) Second of all, the freeway is louddd! Not only is there honking but also just the sound of the engine and the tires against the uneven concrete. So this being said it was at times difficult to hear my parents talking…Sometimes the conversation flows so fast it is easy to get a little left behind but I am a pretty assertive person and did not let that happen. 🙂 

Also, when we were in one of the rooms (we switched around a lot in the hotel because each room had a different theme and we were eager to check it out, plus the one we were originally in had beds that left me with a stiff back:P) the tv did not have captions. This was sort of difficult seeing as we were watching reality tv shows and the people tend to mutter and drama happens so fast. I had to ask my mom for help several times. I definitely learned a lesson in patience…even though I want to know what is going on, in order for my mom or sister or dad to fully inform me of what is going down, they need to be able to focus on the tv and not be distracted by my questions. 

This was pretty frustrating because it is really hard to sit back and watch all the action and be totally lost about what is going on, but I learned it is best to just take a deep breath, figure out what you can, and realize that the best help you can get will be given if you allow your family some time to figure out what is going on for themselves. trust me, this is better than a full on confrontation. 🙂 

But I really did not have many problems hearing in restaurants and other places! Mainly, exhaustion is my biggest enemy. Half of hearing is focusing. Listening is different from hearing! 

On a completely different note, driving the freeway seems like a monster. All that merging and road rage and aggressive drivers…sheesh people, way to make an amateur way more scared than I was! 

Sorry for the scant blog folks, but this kiddo needs to hit the sack. I have so much to do tomorrow it hurts. More than feedback too. Hurts more like pushing that cotton ball when they make the hearing aid molds too far down the ear canal. 

I’ll explain next time. 😉 But while I am gone, what did you guys do this weekend?! Fill me in! 🙂

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