Went father’s day swimming! WITH THE COCHLEAR AND HEARING AIDS! Interesting to say the least…I got a little splashed (mom are you reading this? no? okay…I dunked my head under the water) and my cochlear came out unscathed and perfect (love the cochlear). My hearing aid’s input got a little recessed but continued to work. It would have lasted all night if my battery hadn’t died (not because of the water, but because it was time to change the battery). Needless to say, I am amazed once again at how far technology has come. I remember the days when I needed a whole different set of “water hearing aids” that I had to wear in the vicinity (or even the mere thought) of water. That pair, though harsh on the pocket book, sounded awful-terrible quality. But now, there is no need. Hallelujah for that. And hallelujah for dad. Happy father’s day ❤

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