how far we’ve come

sorry music fans, i wont be talking about matchbox 20 songs today butttt since i did dance to this song with my dance team at school back before I got a cochlear implant (and hence had no clue what the lyrics were) i decided to travel down memory lane and look the lyrics up… turns out, its a cute song! lyrics are here

fun, no?

but let’s get to my real point…

a couple days ago I was chatting in the car with my dad while the heat/thunder game was playing on the radio. things were going pretty smoothly too…I had no trouble hearing or understanding him which normally wouldn’t be a big deal at all, but thinking really hard and slogging through all those muddy pre-cochlear memories, I realized that I probably would not have been to have this conversation with only hearing aids! My dad’s words would have blurred into the radio, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to understand either. But lo and behold, there I was, conversing freely with no blips in the conversation!

The next day, whilst preparing for a late summer trip, I caught the sound of birds chirping outside. The sound was sweet, quite, and very very high pitched. Curiosity taking ahold of me, I tugged my cochlear implant magnet off to see if my hearing aid alone could pick up the bird song. But I was met with silence. I repeated this procedure several times, not quite believing that I had missed many years of birds singing. What else would I hear? Leaves rustling? Far off emergency sirens? Rain on the roof? Yes yes and yes. 

It’s pretty incredible thinking of all the things my cochlear has allowed me to do. (Don’t know what a cochlear is? check it out here:

Not only is it a technological miracle, but also it works like a charm. Granted, at first things were a little squeaky—a la Alvin and the Chipmunks—but the change is ginormous. Even though I was very successful with my hearing aids, the cochlear has made my life that much easier! Little things, like not using my FM (a special microphone teachers wear so I can hear them in class) or conversing with background noise, even my speech has gotten so much clearer and easier. 

The decision to get the cochlear was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Toward the end, I had to pass the decision off to my parents, just because I couldn’t handle putting what little hearing I had on the line (if the implant didn’t work out, it would be my own fault!). But for all those sleepless nights, the cochlear implant has gone above and beyond my expectations. 

It is truly incredible how far I’ve come..and I am going to keep going. Why stop? 🙂

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